KME manufactures Stock and CUSTOM neoprene Fishing and Hunting Waders, in the USA for customers from four years old, to those 7 feet tall with up to size 20 feet, or anywhere in-between (such as a man 5' 9" and 345 pounds with a 27" inseam, or another 6' 1 " and 590 lb). We also do Alterations and Repairs on all brands. See our Repairs section. KME Waders are fabricated from closed cell neoprene foam rubber sheet with nylon stretch fabric laminated to both sides. We use the same grade of neoprene that we use to manufacture our diving drysuits.  Our most popular model is the 3mm (1/8") Custom Chest High Wader with stocking foot or optional boot foot.  There are many add on options as well (SEE THE PRICE LIST BELOW).

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KME Waders come in three styles, with many additional options available. The KME wader line is available in Chest-High, Waist-High and Hip-High models. We have a separate Measuring System for the Lady's models (please request). 

We also make industrial grade waders, using our special commercial diving drysuit materials.  These waders have Super Heavy Weave nylon fabric on the outside (Black only).

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The standard thickness is 3 mm (1/8"), but 5 mm (3/16") and 6.5mm (1/4") thickness are available as options. Colors available in 3 mm are brown, O. D., blue, black and our new Dry Marshland Camouflage . (Color availability in other thickness varies.) Custom colors can be special ordered, contact KME.

KME Chest-high Waders come with a pocket with flap on the front of the chest and built in suspenders which are fastened in the front with adjustable quick disconnect side lock buckles. Both stock sizes and custom KME waders can be ordered with any combination of the Options listed on the KME wader price list below the picture or on the custom order form.    

Measuring Form Please disregard old address on form.  See new address at the bottom of this page in red.  The Lady's measuring form is available by request.

Waders Price List: Effective January 1st, 2015

BASE PRICE for Stock sizes; 3 mm (1/8") neoprene; brown, black, or blue in stocking foot style

                See KMEW-N, under OPTIONS for Boot Foot Waders.

KMEW-CH: Chest-high wader
KMEW-WH: Waist-high wader
KMEW-HH: Hip-boot style wader

OPTIONS: Add the following prices to the base price.

KMEW-A: Custom charge (added to all custom orders)
KMEW-B: Camouflage pattern
KMEW-C: Attached gravel cuffs
KMEW-E: High back at top (designed for for float tubing)
KMEW-F: High front, "Farmer John" style
KMEW-EF: High front and back
KMEW-G: Knee pads
KMEW-H: Butt pad
KMEW-I: Belt loops at waist, for up to 2" wide belt
KMEW-J: Webb belt, 2" with cam buckle
KMEW-K: Wader top cinch strap and strap loops, with adjustable quick release buckle   (popular with Kayakers)
KMEW-L: Heavier material, 3/16" (5 mm)
KMEW-M: Heaviest material, 1/4" (6.5 mm)

KMEW-N: Boot foot, insulated, lug sole type rubber boot, sizes 5 to 14


KMEW-NL; Boot Foot, Extra Wide, Up to size 17   (SPECIAL ORDER, takes 2 extra weeks)




KMEW-ST: Add "Turbo" (light hard rubber sole on sock foot)
KMEW-O: Oversize Charge (for waders to fit customers over 6' 3" or 240 lbs)
KMEW-R: Rush Order (shipped 7 to 10 working days from receipt of your order)

Repair Price List

We can send the ordering information and measuring charts to you as attachments by replying to your e-mail. Just click on the CONTACT button at the top of the page, or the "sales" e-mail address in the red line below.

Measuring Form    Please disregard the mailing address on the form.  See new address below in the red bar.